Introducing Norleaf's VoIP Telephony Solution. Next Generation Solutions íV Today!

Norleaf's Hi-Brid Telephony Solution using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has the features, reliability, scalability, and flexibility to keep your customers connected to you at a much lower cost than traditional telephone solutions.

In addition to traditional features, Norleaf's Hi-Brid Telephony System offers advance features that you expect from large telephone solutions and a lot more such as dial by name, configurable voice menus, call waiting, caller id, music on hold, and call queues. You can even send and receive calls from the same number while outside the office.

Norleaf's Hi-Brid VoIP Telephony Solution can integrate into your existing telephone system, giving you more phone extensions and added features at a fraction of the cost of upgrading or replacing your old telephone system. Best of all, you can continue to use the VoIP equipment when you are ready to completely switch to VoIP.

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